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Tips & Tricks to make your home appear more spacious

tips_and_tricksWhen it comes to altering the size of a room, renovations are not the only solution—in fact, the size doesn’t even have to be physically altered at all. Often the mere shifting of a few items and colours is all it takes to produce a more spacious-looking interior. No matter how small a room is, you can always fool your guests (at least momentarily) with a few well-informed choices. So without further ado, here are some tips and tricks to outwardly expand your home.

Lighten Your Space

To ease your way into the whole creating-space-without-creating-space concept, start with some simple eye tricks. For example, consider replacing your current flooring with striped carpet, as this gives the illusion that the room has no end. A tactfully placed mirror can also add something to your existing space, but more importantly it will lighten the room. The space has a light feel to it when there are fewer chunky-looking objects to weigh it down. Sliding doors will give it a similar glow, as you are able to look beyond the room and into the open air. Having your existing sliding doors repaired by establishments such as AJ Doors will also improve the look of the room. And of course, painting the walls with a bright colour will contribute wonderfully to the illusion of space.

Remove Clutter

This option costs no money and very little time. Remove or dispose of anything that doesn’t need to be out: food, plates, toys, stray books, and so on. Everything must either be in its rightful place, or expelled from the house completely, if it is not needed. Understandably, there are certain things that can’t be trashed, but are taking up a great deal of space. It might be worth storing such items in another room, for example, the garage, or an entirely separate storage facility. Admittedly, this contradicts the first sentence in the paragraph by costing money, but in some cases it is only necessary that money be spent. Essentially, the removal of clutter is the most practical way one can make a room appear larger.

Rearrange Furniture

Most people tend to arrange their furniture conventionally, as not to disrupt the order of the room. But you might find that varying such an arrangement can provide a better sense of balance to the room as a whole, and, in turn, provide more space. For instance, there’s no rule that says you need all the couches facing the TV. Perhaps one can live next to the bookshelf, or be moved to another room entirely. Again, if there’s no use for it where it is, move it elsewhere. Creating distance between objects will also add to the illusion of space.

These tips will prove particularly useful for anyone on a budget or with little time and energy to spare. An instant fix can be just as effective as a full-blown makeover, if only from an aesthetic point of view, which is really the most pleasing component of having a “large” room. It quite plainly looks a lot better than a cramped room, and yet there doesn’t even have to be a physical difference. Consider these time-savers, and you’ll find your whole week expanding, as well as your home.