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The ultimate summer feed

the ultimate summer feedAh summer: long days, hot nights, cold drinks, festive gatherings and roaring barbeques. These are just some of the things that sum up the season of summer. When it comes to entertaining friends and family as the temperature sizzles, little compares to delicious foods thrown freshly onto the barbeque and served up as part of a lavish spread for all to enjoy. A new barbeque can provide the right platform to celebrate summer, and if you’re in the market for one, there are many models to choose from, such as the Ziegler and Brown range, which is available on the BBQs Galore website.

When you look what to cook, keep in mind barbequed steak and sausages are just the beginning of what can be grilled to create the ultimate summer meal. Here’s what else to consider serving, to create the ultimate feed with all the trimmings.

Chicken, Lamb or Beef Skewers

Whether it’s satay, honey soy, or plum sauce, you can lather skewers in your marinade of choice and build your own creations with onion, capsicum and dressed in herbs and lemon juice. You may want to forgo the sweet chilli and other spices during the summer – unless you love feeling hot, hot, HOT!

Prawns and Fish

Prawns are a feast-worthy food for any occasion, with the summer barbeque being no exception. Cook them on the grill with garlic and lime, or enjoy chilled. When coriander, diced tomato, cucumber and red onions are added, you can make a central-American inspired ceviche – a scrumptious topping for crackers and crusty breads.

Fresh Salads

No barbeque is complete without a few sides. Salads make the perfect accompaniment for grilled foods and the more salad choices, the better! German style potato salads with mayonnaise, dill gherkins, sliced boiled egg, and diced bacon pieces are guaranteed to be crowd pleaser, but creamy coleslaws are another popular alternative to win over your guests.

Vinegar dressed salads can help cut through some of the richness the rest of the meal and Asian style wombok and fried noodle salads are another popular choice, as well as the time-honoured fresh Greek salad.

Fresh Fruit

Some of the best summer fruits served chilled and sliced can be the perfect palate cleanser before or after a meal. Watermelon, mango and white grapes all add a splash of colour to the table and capture the spirit of the season. Even better, they make a healthy alternative to other sweet foods and desserts and it won’t be difficult to get the kids to gobble them up.

From The Drinks Menu…

What’s summer without a cold one? Ice-cold beers go hand in hand with an outdoor barbeque and lighter lagers and pale ales are a smart choice for the time of year. For those who like a bit of a fizz, alcoholic ginger beer and cider is also a great way to stay refreshed. Chilled chardonnays and a good bottle of Sauvignon Blanc also complement grilled chicken, seafood and salads, and are among the most-chosen wines during the summer season.

For a fruity twist on summer, bring out the fruit punch. Just add sparkling wine, vodka, pineapple or orange juice and ginger ale, plus plenty of ice (fruit pieces optional.) To pack the desired ‘punch’ add as much or as little alcohol as you see fit. Those wanting to pass on the alcohol can keep thing fresh with iced tea, or freshly squeezed juices.

To successfully plan the ultimate summer feed, look no further than your outdoor barbeque. With a few carefully considered meats, some tasty sides, and of course ice cold beverages, you’ve got all the trimmings, a limited clean-up, and you’ve completely sorted the perfect summer feast to delight your friends and family.