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Simple backyard makeover ideas

Simple Backyard Makeover IdeasThinking it’s time to give your backyard a new look? The backyard is one of the most versatile rooms in the house – and it isn’t even a room! You can do just about anything with it. Below are a few tips on how to make over your backyard without too much stress or effort. Remember: keep it simple and you will succeed.


One of the simplest and fastest ways to make over your backyard is to add lights. Not only are they simple, but lights also allow you to entertain your guests longer. Light ropes are one of the most popular ways to illuminate a backyard. They are waterproof and can go just about anywhere. You can hang them across the ceiling under a patio, twirl them around the support beams, string them along fence lines, or even hang them from trees. Solar lights and lanterns are also a brilliant way to light up the ground and gardens, not to mention that they are great for energy efficiency. Lanterns hung from trees can also great a very unique and special look.


Another way to make over your backyard without too much planning or work involved is to add new furniture or replace old furniture. Outdoor furniture can begin to look quite tired and old when left in direct sunlight or poorly cared for. Luckily, newer furniture items are made stronger to last longer. In fact, they have even gotten more comfortable. Entire lounge suites are available now that are almost identical to indoor lounges and just as comfortable. And it is easier to find them now than it has ever been; stores like Super Amart have entire outdoor collections ready to purchase. With just a single lounge, you can make over the entire backyard.


The mind often skims over mulch when thinking about the garden. This is unfortunate because mulch is one of the most important factors for a healthy and attractive garden. It is cheap, simple, easy to get, and easy to place. Some mulches even bring with them quite nice, aromatic smells. Mulch is also the single best ways to prevent weed growth in a garden. It does this by preventing light from reaching the soil or hitting the seeds. Be careful where you buy your mulch as forest mulch can often have grass and weed seeds in it, which will grow out of it after time. Local landscape suppliers usually have good deals on many different kinds of mulch.


Plants are one of the more obvious ways to make over the backyard. New plants will always bring a new shape and life to the garden. When choosing plants, make sure they fit in with the rest of the plants you already have and that they will grow in your climate. A simple makeover can quickly turn to money wasting when a shade plant is left in direct sunlight, for example. Vegetables and herbs are one way you can make over your backyard and turn it into a full stomach. If you enjoy caring for plants or simply like being rewarded for putting your time in, you can’t go past growing your own vegetables.

There are many ways to make over your garden, some more complex than others. These are just a few of the simpler ways you can transform your backyard. How have you given your garden a makeover?