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How to make your backyard into the ultimate backyard cricket venue

the ultimate backyard cricket venueIs there anything more enjoyable than chilling outside with your kids, playing backyard cricket? Wickets unevenly hammered into the ground. Tennis ball taped up on one side. That family member who seems to always hold the bat round the wrong way! Regardless if you play your backyard cricket like a pro or not, you can still have the ultimate backyard cricket venue. So what makes the ultimate backyard cricket venue? Is it the best cricket gear? Good-looking neighbours? Living next door to a cricket pitch? Check out these ideas for creating the ultimate backyard cricket venue at your place.

Get The Pitch Right

Anyone even remotely interested in cricket will understand the importance of having a decent pitch. Fresh, green grass underfoot, free from potholes, pebbles and bindies. In fact, everyone who has a backyard will long for a patch of lush, green grass to enjoy lazy afternoons or robust backyard cricket matches on. Without a doubt, the best way to get that perfect pitch is by getting the right advice from a turfing expert like Hancey’s Turf. If you plan on playing a lot of cricket out back, make sure you lay a turf that is hardwearing. Some of the less hardy turfs won’t respond well to repeated runs up and down the pitch!

Get a Members Stand

While you’re not showing them your trade-mark pull shot or enjoying a tea break, you need a members stand. Somewhere cool and shady that you can escape the summer sun or dash from an afternoon storm. Anything can do just fine for a Members Stand – your back porch, an awning or even a suitably arranged garage. Every backyard cricket club needs a Members Stand!

Drinks, Quick Sticks!

It could be tea. It could be icy cold water. Fruit juice might quench the thirst, or you might even go for something homemade lemonade. Whenever you’re planning the ultimate backyard cricket venue, make sure you’ve got the drinks covered. It could be as simple as an ice box full of your favourite beverages. You might even splash out and have a mini-bar or drinks fridge close by. Whatever it is, make sure you’ve got something to quench that thirst.

Pump Out The Tunes

No backyard cricket venue would be complete without your favourite tunes. There’s a trick to getting the music right, and it’s not just about getting a large, powerful sound system. Firstly, cricket is a social game. The tunes need to suit the mood. Secondly, unless you live in the country, consider your neighbours. You might love both cricket and AC/DC, but your neighbours might not have such good taste! Thirdly, make sure the music does not drown out the joyful calls of ‘I wasn’t ready’ or ‘HOWZAT!!!’

What are your favourite back yard cricket memories? Does your family have any ‘unique’ rules you always play by? What do you do to create the best cricket venue at your place? Share your ideas or thoughts in the comments below.