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A guide to dressing sharp for dad’s

Sharp DadExperiencing the joys of being a father include the challenges of knowing how to dress. Casual at-home days are a breeze. Sure, PJ bottoms and t-shirts are comfortable, but even these can grow tiresome. Once you have decided to dress with finesse, it helps to follow a few tried and true suggestions. This guide can help you stay sharp with ease.

Match Your Style

Find a look that suits your lifestyle.  If you choose good looking separates from a reliable men’s store like Tarocash, you are already on your way to looking great! Selecting an assortment of clothes that mix and match will provide a variety of looks that wear well and look terrific, regardless of whether you are heading off to the office or to your daughter’s ballet performance.

Ahead of the Game

It helps to get dressed and ready for the day before the kids roll out of bed. Plan what you are going to wear the night before and set these clothes in a place where they ready to pull on in the morning. This way you can check for spots and wrinkles before the new day begins. Twenty to thirty minutes is ample time to shower, groom and get dressed undisturbed. (You may want to avoid putting on your work shirt until minutes before you head out the door.)

At times, you might want to have your kids watch as you arrange your clothes. Teach your children why you polish your shoes and when it is important to layout outfits ahead of time. Teach the kids how to care for, handle and wash their own clothes so that they can look amazing like their dad!

Dressing with Care

Wear clothing that will not show spots and wrinkles. Dark cloth can hide minor imperfections and textured fabrics are one of a father’s best allies. Grey flannel and classic knits will look professional and wear well. Select clothing that is easy to wash and care for. Spot-clean baby food stains; treat spills as quickly as possible and follow the cleaning instructions on inner labels.  Use a clothes brush on shoes and jackets to keep items fresh and presentable.

Keep a fresh set of clothes in your office. Nine times out of ten, mornings will run smoothly. However, there is always that rare occasion when you arrive at work on time only to find that there is a juice stain on your sleeve, or worse!

Stash valuable items such as watches and expensive rings in a safe place, away from curious fingers. Young children do not have a good sense for the value of expensive jewelry and it is better to play it safe then suffer the consequences of inquisitive little hands.

Dressing Sharp

Choosing to be a sharply dressed father says more about your management skills than your taste in clothes. When you handle the details, you are letting the world know that you have your priorities straight and your life in order…at least most of the time!