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Removing all Emotional Trauma, Negative Thoughts, Sickness and illness using Mental Health Hypnotherapy as a tool to Higher Consciousness Re-Alignment, has assisted clients all over the world to release toxic energy and create a life they never thought possible!

Hi, I am Greg Keily. I am a Mental Health Hypnotherapist and Higher Consciousness Alignment Coach.

I come from a military background as an Australian Navy Clearance Diver, where I experienced a near death in the Antarctic Ocean boarding illegal vessels, that impacted me many years later where totally out of the blue the following challenges changed my life forever:
• Panic Attacks
• Anxiety
• Deep Dark Depression
• Self Sabotage
• Self Doubt
• Eating Disorders
• Suicidal Plans and an overwhelming existence to just “Check Out”.

Before these challenges impacted me, I left the military to become an integral part of the QLD Emergency Services / First Responders and also succeed as the top 1% of salespeople within 2 large property franchise groups however, those careers, along with 39 others opened up the realisation of a lifetime of Self Sabotage.

After years of “Professional Therapy” and going around in circles, I discovered “Higher Consciousness Alignment Therapy” which immediately impacted my life in a Positive way.

So, I studied as much as I could to learn how our existence within the “Quantum Realm” can allow us to release emotions we have attached to past events, so they no longer “Trigger” us today, and then Re-Align with the reasons of WHY I went through it all to now create a future that serves My True Purpose.

As I mentioned, I am a certified Mental Health Hypnotherapist however, trance is simply the vehicle we use to align with our “Quantum Existence” and how hundreds of past clients around the world are now living and creating an amazing life without their past negatively impacting their future.

I have created multiple “Rapid Re-Alignment Holistic Therapy” programs that suit people’s budgets and lifestyles and all can be enjoyed in the privacy of your own home.

Everything we do is fully confidential so work, friends, relatives need not know about this life changing therapy if you choose to create change for yourself and those who love you.

Reach out if you are open minded to learn how aligning with your 99.9% of Quantum existence, can help you to let go of negative emotions and create a limitless future.

Warm regards
Greg Keily

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14 Quinine Crescent, Mountain Creek QLD 4557

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