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Darren founded, and officially launched ‘Fathering Adventures’ in July 2008.

Until then, Darren had worked in the construction / consulting engineering industry since 1988, and managed his own structural design & drafting service since 2000.

In his spare time, as the need arose, Darren helped to counsel individuals & relationships out of the pain of their past, into restoration, freedom, and life.
He agrees with what sociologists and anthropologists have discovered after studying cultures around the world and down through the ages…
“As goes the men; so goes the society”.
For this reason, he has continued to lead men toward the path of authentic manhood… helping them to face and resolve wounds from their past, and equipping and empowering them to lead successful lives as men… both in their workplaces, and in their homes, as husbands and fathers… encouraging them to be all they desire to be.
He has done this one-on-one, in small groups, men’s retreats, and other various speaking engagements, for more than 23 years now.
He has also led by example… overcoming the challenges a child growing up in an alcoholic home brings.

Just before Fathers Day in 2011, Darren had the great honour and privilege of being awarded the title of Queensland Father of the Year at a Luncheon in the State’s Capital.

Darren has been married to his wife Melissa since 1991. They live in Townsville, in Tropical North Queensland, Australia, and now have 4 adult sons.
Darren believes in living what he teaches, so his spare-time is usually devoted to intentional one-on-one time with his beloved Melissa, each of their sons, his daughter-in-law, and his precious granddaughter and grandson.

Melissa describes Darren as being “honest, intelligent, discerning, trustworthy, loving, compassionate, hard-working, self-motivated, self-disciplined, self-sacrificing, honourable, and courageous”.

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