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Dads come in all shapes and sizes and for many, are part of a separated family but there is one distinct common thread that connects us, we love our children, we embraced fatherhood and intentionally make it a priority. Dads Online is dedicated to these Dads. We providing relevant information and ideas that taps directly into the heart of topics that are most important to Dads.

This is an interactive site so feel free to post your comments, share thoughts and ideas so they can also help others.

Cauliflower and Zucchini Soup

I got onto this recipe when I stayed at the Golden Door retreat, every time I make it, the kids practically lick the bowl clean. It's really awesome! For the soup lovers that like it a little hot, drop a small dollop of chilli mixture in the center … [Continue reading]

What is Coercive Control and where to seek help

Coercive control refers to a pattern of controlling behaviors that create an unequal power dynamic in a relationship. These behaviors give the perpetrator power over their partner, making it difficult for them to leave. Sometimes, coercive control … [Continue reading]

Would your son or daughter know how to land a Airbus A380?

NO?...Your right! because know one has shown them how too and they would crash for sure. Its the same as your child handling new situations in life as they get older.If they are not told how best to handle and cope with situations, they'll … [Continue reading]

Establishing good communication with your children’s Mother

This is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your children. No longer required or is it appropriate to discuss aspects of your life such as feelings, hopes, dreams, plans, finances or what you did today. Share this stuff with … [Continue reading]

Divorced dads take on choosing a life partner

Have you ever wondered if you have chosen the right partner? There are some telltale signs that can be quite subtle and will become more evident as time goes on. Im not a relationship expert, but from relationship breakdown experience I can … [Continue reading]

Toasted ham sandwich – in the frypan

If you're like me, I'm always trying to impress the kids with some Dads Cooking. This might not sound like a biggy but the difference you get in taste between a toaster and a fry-plan is huge, when you cook your toasties in non-stick pan - you will … [Continue reading]

Mate, its important but not that important

I'm talking about work. I recently read a story about a Dad who was told by his doctor that he was going to die of cancer. He immediately thought that he should have spent far more time with his children and made them more of a priority. … [Continue reading]

The Do’s and Don’ts of managing the time your child has with you.

Not living with your child everyday can make some Dads very protective, even jealous of time with your children. While many people would think this is a normal emotion it also highlights a need to look at things differently so that your … [Continue reading]

Separated dads have feelings too

When we separate we feel a sense that we have lost our position in the family.  Don't forget that you are still your children's father,  even though you do not live with them. You must maintain a mindset and make it clear in your … [Continue reading]

What to say to the kids?

These were the hardest conversations I ever had! I am sure that every dad and mum dreads telling there children that they are separating.  I wish I had of had tips on what to say to the kids.  It is the most difficult and awkward situation to comes … [Continue reading]

Have you really thought this through?

I receive many emails and speak to many dads on our live chat service and recently a dad ask me a question that made me think that you didn't think this through, did you?He said to me ..."I recently have left my wife and child, they have stayed in … [Continue reading]

Should I keep a diary after separation

Dads Online speak with family lawyer, Daniel Dalli of Aston Legal Group about the important of maintaining a diary or a note of events that occur after separation. These series of podcasts focusing on separation and divorce can equip you, in making … [Continue reading]