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Why welding is a skill every tradesman should learn

learn to WeldWelding sounds like a boring way to spend your time, but it can actually teach you some good habits – and you might also be able to make some interesting pieces on the way. It is also a good way to gain some experience if you are unsure about what trade you want to pursue. If this sounds like something you may enjoy, you don’t have to start out big. Welding specialists such as WIA can help you source out the equipment you might need to kickstart your interest in welding – check out for more details. Otherwise, read on to see why welding is a skill every tradesman should learn.


Tradesmen of all kinds deal with safety precautions on a daily basis, but welding most certainly brings the issue of safety to the fore. Welding will teach and remind you that safety should always be your top priority, no matter what you are doing. Safety equipment is a must when welding, as well as knowing how to be safe while you are working.


Precision is extremely important in welding, where one wrong move can offset your whole project. It involves working with flames and extreme temperatures that you might not otherwise encounter, and so precision, like safety, is of the utmost importance. Welding will teach you to be more focused on your work, and increase your precision as well as accuracy in everything that you do.


Welding will teach you to be patient – a skill you can apply to your other work and in your everyday life as well. When you are starting out, you may not have the aforementioned precision you might want, but if you keep working at it and if you keep practicing, you will eventually see the results you want. Welding will help you to be more patient with your work as well as with the equipment you are working with.


Different methods of welding also have their own little quirks, so if you want to expand your knowledge base, welding is a good place to start. Particular methods will be better suited to particular projects, so if you want to progress in the field of welding, you will need to learn to adapt to each style.

These are just some reasons why welding is a skill every tradesman should learn. Welding specialists may argue that there are many more reasons, but these cover the basics. If these have piqued your interest, you might want to try out welding for yourself – places that offer this kind of experience may be a little hard to find, but some vocational training schools may have recreational classes you can attend. Hopefully you can apply some of these skills to other aspects of your life, even if you don’t end up continuing with welding.

Are you a welder? Have you tried welding recreationally? Are you a tradesman? Do you think that welding is a skill that tradesmen should learn? Leave your responses and experiences in the comments section below.