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Men's Referral Service - Operated by No To Violence

Are you worried about your behaviour?

It takes a lot of strength to acknowledge that things may not be right. This page explains what some of the next steps may be, and what the journey to becoming your best self can include.

Ask yourself:

  • Have I ever shouted or screamed at a family member?
  • Have I ever called a family member insulting or belittling names and constantly criticised them?
  • Have I ever prevented my partner spending money for their personal use?
  • Have I ever slapped, hit, pushed or shoved a family member – or threatened to?
  • Have I ever scared my partner or children?
  • Have I ever thrown something in my partner’s or child’s presence, such as a glass, a chair or tv remote?
  • Have I ever pressured my partner into doing something sexual that they didn’t want to?
  • Have I ever tried to stop my partner doing something that they wanted to do? (for example, going out with friends, having a job, doing some study)

Relationships have their ups and downs, with occasional disagreements or arguments. Most people will feel frustrated, disappointed or angry with a relative or partner at some point. But there is a difference between a healthy level of disagreement and using violence and control.

If you answered yes to one of more of these questions, you should give us a call. Call us on 1300 766 491 (open seven days a week) or chat online (log onto website)