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Organisation tips for the new Financial Year

must get organisedThere’s nothing like the end or the beginning of a financial year to get everyone in a frenzy, but it is also the perfect time for businesses to get a clean start. This often means a lot of organising, or in some cases, re-organising. This can be overwhelming, as there might be a tremendous amount of things you have accumulated through the year that suddenly reappear for you to sort. To prevent this from happening again, here are some nice and simple organisational tips you can start implementing now to make your life next year a whole lot easier.

Label properly and consistently

Using a label maker might seem cheesy and overrated, but it is actually a great way to both get and keep you organised throughout the year. Use folders with dividers and label them appropriately, and you will be amazed at how easily you will be able to find and retrieve information. This will make your work processes more efficient, and you won’t be wasting time trying to find the couple of pieces of paper you need to finish off the job you are currently working on.

Keep a close eye on your budget

Try and adhere to your budget as closely as possible throughout the year, and make sure to track any deviations from your planned budget. There are plenty of programs out there that can help you track your finances, and being able to see an overview of where your money is going will help you immensely. Amalgamating all your financial products and accounts with one organisation will also help you keep a closer eye on your finances, and will allow you to keep track of all the fees you are paying on these accounts.

Schedule, and keep to the schedule

There are always boring and annoying jobs to do, so instead of putting them off until you have a giant list to do, do them as soon as you get them. Doing small tasks regularly will allow you to do them well and more accurately, as opposed to doing large jobs intermittently and erroneously.

The start of the new financial year can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be, if you are vigilant throughout the year. This will not only save you precious time you could be using on more important ventures, but might also save you some money. The new financial year is also a great time to re-visit systems you use on a regular basis –for example, filing, organisation, communications and many more. If you are considering such a change, communication specialists like Com2 can help you decipher the jargon that is commonly associated with telecommunication systems, and assist you in choosing the right package for your business.

The new financial year is a great time of the year for all businesses to take a good look at their systems. Have you previously revamped your organisation systems or are you currently planning to? What kinds of things are you considering changing or tweaking? If you have previously done this, have your new systems been beneficial or not? Leave your thoughts and experiences down below.