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Jazz in the gardens

Jazz in the parkPack a picnic and let Jazz great Bob Sedergreen take you on an exciting musical journey with a selection of special guests.


Sunday 13 January, Victoria Gardens, 6 – 8pm
Jerome Smith, bass and vocals, cut his teeth in the USA playing blues, soul and gospel. He has performed with Keith Richards and Mick Jagger as well as the Divinyls.
Kerri Simpson, blues, gospel, soul and voodoo queen, has performed and recorded the music of New Orleans and the Caribbean. Her emotional strength and depth of delivery never fail to capture her audience.

Sunday 20 January, Central Park, 6 – 8pm
Fem Belling is a true international and descends from a prestigious South African musical family. She has played leading roles in London’s West End and performed for the Queen. Fem plays violin and her magnetic personality is set to charm.
Heather Stewart In recent years, the emergence of Heather Stewart as a jazz and blues vocalist and violinist has made the jazz world take notice. She has won awards for her work with The New Sheiks and has toured locally and internationally.

Saturday 26 January, Malvern Gardens, 5.15 – 8pm
Nichaud Fitzgibbon’s natural charisma and feisty elegance brings sophistication to performances, offering a repertoire of popular jazz standards.
Chantel Mitvalsky Fresh from learning with the world’s best in Banff, Canada, Chantel Mitvalsky is not standing still. Whether performing lead roles in musicals or grooving along with funk bands like Jackson Jackson, Chantel’s drive and musical energy are never in doubt.

Special pre-concert performance by the Stonnington Youth Jazz Initiative featuring a group of young performers representing local schools, co-led by Bob Sedergreen and legendary drummer Allan Browne.

Guest writer:  Ella Doonan from What’s On Stonnington  and Stonnington City Council