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How to find the career that’s right for you

jobs for dadsConsidering or re-considering your career path can be quite daunting and it’s not always easy to know how to find the career that is right for you.

It may seem elusive, but the right career for you does exist. To learn about and find the career that suits you best, you need to know how to go about researching the options, recognise your strengths, take on new skills and be brave enough to make a career change.

So, how do you find the right career for you?

Work out what drives you

Many of us are quickly side-tracked and become preoccupied with thinking about the work that will pay us the most, or offer the most security. While these factors are important, it’s vital to know your primary interests and passions.

If you are committed to finding the right career for you and know that you want to do work that is meaningful, knowing what you are passionate about and most interested in can reveal careers you had never previously considered and careers that integrate your passions.

Know what you love to do

Taking this a little further, it is tremendously important to keep focused on the things that bring you joy and the things that you love to do. Think about all the things you have dreamed of doing in the past as well as the things that naturally bring you enjoyment. Make note of whatever comes to mind, regardless of how unrealistic or impossible these career opportunities may seem.

Keep an open mind and look for clues at all-time

Be aware and always be open to projects and topics that attract your interest and excitement. There are so many ways to do this and one of the best is to take time to reflect on the stories of people for whom you have respect and admiration.

Also, pay attention to the activities that bring you happiness and consider why they make you happy. It’s important to notice when you are happy and experiencing enjoyment.

Know that you may need to be patient

It is a shame that finding the perfect career does not happen quickly for some people. It’s possible that you will need to consider and even try out a few different possibilities before settling on the right career path, so patience is needed.

The quest to find the right career for you should not be approached hastily if you really want to find a career that brings you meaning, enjoyment and fulfilment.

Take career tests

A range of online tools exist that may help you negotiate the path to self-discovery and career change. Although these tools cannot give you a definite answer of what your perfect career might be, they do serve a purpose in identifying the factors that matter to you most in a career, as well as the things that you most enjoy and the areas in which you achieve best.

Do your research

To make an informed career choice, you really need to do some research and find out about specific jobs and careers. Your research should include analysis of positions available, salary averages and the growth estimated in the future for this career.

Of course, you need to be practical and realistic and should seek answers to questions such as:

  • Is the field stable (now and into the future)?
  • How much risk accompanies the job/career? Am I comfortable with such risk?
  • Is the salary range appropriate?
  • Are work opportunities within a commutable distance? Will relocation be necessary?
  • How will making such a career change affect my family?
  • Will I need to undertake further courses/study? If so, perhaps check out the to gauge what your options are.

To find the career that is right for you and the career that will bring you most satisfaction and enjoyment, it is imperative that you take the time to work out what matters to you most and how your work may be aligned with your passions and interests. Speaking to experts and researching different careers and industries will also equip you with the insight that you need to make an informed and aware career choice.