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How to De-Clutter Your Garage

how to de cluttered your garageYour garage may be the one place in your house where there are no rules. Regular guests don’t normally venture past the kitchen, living area, and bathroom, while you want to keep your bedrooms nice and clean since you spend so much time there. The garage, on the other hand, is the place where all of the junk and miscellaneous stuff accumulates out of nowhere. Are you ready to make your garage an extension of the inside of your house? Here are some easy steps on how to de-clutter your garage.

Consider Storage

Do you have too much stuff? This is usually almost always the case. Perhaps your garage is simply too small to hold everything. Have you thought about investing in a storage unit? Some companies, like Fort Knox Storage, have numerous sites with units of all different sizes. Larger storage units (like these ones) are great if you’ve got big items like a boat, a caravan, surfboards, or other things that don’t fit nicely into a garage. You can also store the things that you don’t need all the time. Use it to store holiday decorations, seasonal clothes, car accessories, and other things that you don’t use every day.

Make a Plan

What do you want your garage to be? Is it currently used for random piles of boxes and things you don’t recognise? Would you like to be able to fit your car inside? Do you want to turn the area into an extended room? Do you simply want to organise the piles of stuff in a more manageable way? Plan what you want from the space and go from there. When you decide this, every other decision stems from it. You will be able to better visualise what you need and what needs to be thrown out.

Make Decisions

A garage is as much a place for your car as it is for your tools, holiday decorations, childhood keepsakes, and everything else that does not have a place inside. Keeping this in mind, what is actually essential to keep hold of? If you have two of the same high school team uniform, can’t you get rid of one? As painstaking as it is, de-cluttering your garage means going through everything that’s in there and making some hard decisions. What do you need? What don’t you need? Remember, going down memory lane could take a while, so plan your day accordingly! Consider making piles for yourself that you will keep, donate, and throw out. Once you’ve completed this process, go through the keep pile once more and try to whittle it down.


Once you’re left with a much smaller pile of stuff, organise it. Put similar items together. Create areas for types so that manoeuvring and finding is made easier when searching for specifics. Garages are made for storage, so think high. Stack vertically to create dimension and more space. Consider investing in shelving to make for easier access and do not underestimate the power of a good hook to hang things from.

When it comes to the garage, anything goes. Just make sure you know what you want from the space. Organise it in a way that makes sense for you and your family.