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How de-cluttering can help your health

How de-cluttering can help your healthIt’s often been said that having a de-cluttered house can help you lead a happier and healthier life – but how? Clutter causes stress and anxiety – when there’s too much too look at it can be hard to relax, and being unable to relax in your own home canwill cause you serious mental health problems. Of course, it’s much easier to de-clutter your house if you have adequate storage solutions available. There are number of specialist storage solution experts, such as Elbowroom , who can provide advice on how to increase the storage options in your spaces. Keep reading to find out more about the link between de-cluttering and happiness.

Clutter in your bedroom

A cluttered bedroom can be the cause of insomnia, which in turn causes a lot of anxiety and stress on other aspects of your life, such as your work. The main cause of clutter in the bedroom is the wardrobe. You should really think about sorting through your clothes iIf your closet is over flowing in clothing, or worse, if you have a “floor-drobe” going on, you should really think about having a sort through of your clothes. Stick to the “if you haven’t worn it in a year, bin it.” rule. Things you aren’t using will just take up space – and keep your room in a cluttered mess. It can be hard saying goodbye to your beloved clothes, however just think of the space it will clear up in your bedroom!

Kitchen & bathrooms

Old appliances take up bench space. – and Oof course, some of them are very useful and necessary. However, if you’re not using your old appliances, simply throw them out. If you haven’t used them in a year, you probably aren’t going to anytime soon. Removing the unnecessary things off your benches will make it a lot easier to keep them clean and free of dust, dirk and germs and dirt, making your home kitchen and bathroom a much healthier environment!

Living room

Living rooms can be very difficult to keep clean and free of clutter – it’s the family area and most people in the household will keep their stuff there too. It can be really difficult to throw things out, especially things that belong to your children – however, just remember that you’re just throwing out “stuff” not memories! But if the things in your living and /lounge rooms are too important to get rid of all together, you can try getting some nice looking shelving to hold all your stuff! You can try heading to somewhere like Elbowroom to invest in said shelving.

It can be hard finding the motivation remove all the clutter from your home. It’s a big job if you haven’t done it in a while. – Hhowever, finding out that your life could be happier and healthier should give you some inspiration to fully de-clutter and potentially redecorate your home. It’s time to ; and throw all the unnecessary junk out!

Have you done a recent de-clutter of your home? What rules or strategies did you use to determine whether an item was junk or worth keeping? Let us know if the comments below.