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Helpful ways to keep your kids happy on a road trip

Helpful ways to keep your kids happy on a road tripIt can be very difficult to keep the kids entertained, let alone keeping them happy during those long road trips. But here are five ways to best keep them happy on your next road trip.

Pack plenty of toys
Of course space will be an issue in the car on a road trip, but make sure you pack as many toys for the kids as possible. It’s also important to make sure there are a variety of toys for the kids as well, so that way if they get bored of one, they can play with another. A soccer ball is great for your rest stops to get their legs moving; it also doubles as a method for tiring them out for the next leg of the trip.

Set the standards
Before you embark on your trip, ensure that your kids understand the standard that you want them to behave for the entirety of the tip. Keep them in the loop for itinerary plans so that they know what they are in for. Although, it doesn’t hurt to throw in a few surprises along the way to keep them on-side.

Stop once in a while
It’s important not only for yourself as the driver, but also for the kids that you stop every few hours. Whether planned or unplanned, these stops should focus on rejuvenating the body for the next part of the drive. It doesn’t have to be boring walks and roadside stops though, you can take detours into neighbouring towns to check out the local scenery, or pull into the park for a picnic. Make your pit-stops an adventure that everyone will enjoy.

Make the kids voices heard
Another great way to keep the kids happy during a road trip is by letting them have a say on the itinerary. If you can weave activities your kids want to do into your itinerary then you could be onto a winner. By letting them have their say and be listened to, they are less likely to misbehave and cause disruptions. It’s also an effective way to enforce discipline, as you can threaten to take away their chosen activity if they do misbehave on the road trip.

Don’t forget the fuel for the kids
You get a warning sign when your car is about to run out of petrol, but with children misbehaving it can be a sign of their hunger. Car trips can be draining so it’s important that their energy levels are kept at a good level by eating regularly. Make sure you pack plenty of snacks for the kids to nibble on during the road trip, as this will undoubtedly help with their behaviour at times throughout your journey.

Now that you have an idea on keeping the kids happy for your upcoming road trip, why not do the same for your car? The last thing you want is for your car or motorhome to clunk out in the middle of your trip, leaving your family stranded. It can really pay to take your car into a professional like Hitech Diesel to get your vehicle to an impeccable safety standard before you hit the road.

Do you call yourself a road tripping aficionado? What tips would you give to keeping the kids happy on the road?