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Fun school holiday activities to keep the kids happy

warner bros moviesThe ending of the school term marks the beginning of the school holidays. It’s great having your kids all to yourself for a couple of weeks at a time. But sometimes you may run out of ideas to keep them entertained and smiling from ear to ear. Here are some simple school holiday activities that will keep your kids happy well until the start of the new term.

Have a DVD Movie Session

Make some popcorn, dim the lights, and get comfortable as you watch some family-friendly DVDs with your children these school holidays. Whatever the ages of your children, you’re sure to find a movie that will keep them entranced for a couple of hours – it may just make you laugh, too. Click here for a whole range of kid-friendly movies from Warner Bros. to watch the next time you decide to put on a little movie session.

MasterChef for a Day

Give your kids the chance to express themselves in the kitchen and organise a little MasterChef day during the school holidays. Simple recipes such as pizza and cup cakes always go down a treat. Sit them at the bench, put on their aprons, and teach them the basics in making some great tasting food. After you’re done cooking, get them to help you clean up and serve your new delectable creations. Not only will this activity give your kids something fun to do, but it will also save you from having to make them lunch. It’s win-win for both parents and child!

Create a Play Castle

Do you have a large cardboard box just lying around the house? Whatever you do, don’t throw it out, but instead use it to create a play castle for your kids. Any large-appliance cardboard box will do – the bigger, the better. Cut out a couple of windows and arch ways with a Stanley knife, and then let your children draw the stones and bricks on the ‘castle’ exterior. Fill the interior with soft cushions. To make a drawbridge, cut out a large rectangular section of the box and use bits of string to attach the ends of the draw bridge to the castle with sticky tape. If you have some old Christmas hats lying around, get them out and perform a little coronation ceremony.

Get Creative with Arts and Crafts

If you fancy stimulating your kids’ creative juices, and want to give them a break from the TV, iPads, computers, and video games, then organise an arts and crafts day and let them express themselves through paint, glue, paddle pop sticks and all that good stuff. Pay a visit to your local discount store and grab everything you need. Then, put everything in a bucket, set up a small table, and let them go wild! Ignore the mess until say 3pm, and then have your kids present their creations to both mum and dad. Don’t forget to dress them in old clothes, and either set the table up outside or lay some plastic underneath.

How do you keep your little ones happy and entertained during the school break? Leave your ideas below and help other parents give their kids the best time over their school holidays.