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Why are men always viewed as the evil ones

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    Classic line from my divorce lawyer after dealing with the ex-wife; You really don’t know the true nature of your wife until you divorce her”

    My story is average but the details may raise a few eye brows. So years go by and the marriage/ love dies a little each passing years. The youngest is 17, and would you believe it I meet someone by chance and out of the blue. We get along very well, after 2 weeks I tell the ex-wife what is going on and seek a separation with a view to a divorce. She burst out laughing and say wow thank god…..we have a very good night talking and agreeing to T&C.
    I am a FIFO worker, so the deal is on my rotation break, I come home and she will spend time on her own.. her private space. Once a year has gone by, get divorce and by this time we both should know where we will live and how best to sort out finances etc. Bloody brilliant… how mature.
    6 weeks go by and BOOM ! Emm I change my mind, nope don’t want a separation, retract all agreements made. You need to stop seeing your GF and come home.
    Naturally I don’t agree, so on the 10th week, she tell the kids, go stay with your aunt down the road. I am off to visit your Dad at this work accommodation (which I am now sharing with my GR and the ex-wife is aware of this arrangement). 10pm all hell breaks loose, I get back from dinner and the Ex is in the company house, the GF stays out side on the porch, while we argue. within minutes security arrive and we depart.
    The next day, the ex calls from a near by hotel to say that she is ill / hurting and needs to visit the hospital and hangs up. A while later I get a call by the cops to come down and explain my behavior… as it is alleged I physically assaulted the ex. 4 weeks later I am cleared, the security video saved the day, 100% cleared. AVO out the window but emails and FB comments have already put a dark cloud over my reputation…. but of course he did hit her, men do this.. she is so small compared to him… okay then how did she get the bruises… dont care what the cops say… men stick together… etc etc
    Now… emails and calls are made to my manager and company director, photos of her bruises are set to all friends. Kids hate my guts, but hey what about the security video that show I did not put a hand on her… ahh thats nothing.. she got bruises and you got a temper !!… men are so evil
    12 months go by, kids don’t talk and friend avoid the “wife beater”, the divorce papers are served and BOOM another bloody surprise. The ex wants a Hollywood type divorce or nope will not sign, after several discussion by our respective lawyers, she come up with the Classics… bugger this I am British, Aussie law does not apply to me and buggers off to Blighty. All stop on the divorce, more money would be wasted to prove she is an Au resident and get the process back in court.
    3 months later, BOOM ! A lawyer from an Asian county says he represents her and reminds me that when we younger we did renew our Vows legally in this Asian country and as she is now “allegedly residing” in the 3rd country divorce is set in motion. 20 month of legal back and forth and finally a judgement…And its in my Favour.. she get nothing, as their laws are well below Au standards of spousal support!! I actually get a divorce certificate, it is actually recognised is Aust!!

    2 weeks later, BOOM BOOM !!! OMG an English lawyers send a note to everyone I know, dad, brother, manager, VP of Company, etc etc tell these all the details and that I am being sued for divorce in England. Make sure the bugger get over to Landon asap and answers HRH appointed Judge his Lordship Iknowitall.
    Natural I dont attend afterall, Brit law does not apply to an Au citizen not residing in UK, so bugger off.
    Well more emails and letters to my company and their senior associates and what an Evil person I am, look at the police and medical report (minus the fact this was voided by the cops later), make sure he attends the 2nd hearing and FYI you own this legal firm 17,000 pounds!
    What on earth is going on here…. well seems the Brits can do that because their are superior.

    Next hearing in end of Jan, I shall not be attending regardless of the threat of putting in an English Goal for a couple of month. Come on over to Aussie mate and get me!.

    And what it all this actually about, it call Divorce Shopping, the pay out in Au was not to her liking, so she went to a 3rd country, that did not work out to well for her. So the crazy Ex when back to London and sue me there. England is Divorce Central,50% of everything and support of life… madness.

    Oh well, guess will not be going to see the Big Ben or London Bridge any time soon.
    All of this because men are Evil.

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