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Football finals signals the start of gutter cleaning season – are you ready?

are you ready for your guttersGutters are an often-neglected part of the home. These important devices protect your house from flooding and water damage when it rains – provided they are kept clear and in good condition! It is wise to inspect your guttering twice a year to make sure that it’s clear of debris, in good working order and not leaking.

You can do this job yourself if you are handy and steady on a ladder. If you are a bit nervous though, it’s a good idea to get a home handyman in to do the job. There are businesses with expertise in roof and gutter maintenance, such as Roofmasters , that can professionally inspect and repair any problems you may have. It’s often a worthwhile investment as water damage can be expensive and heartbreaking.

The Importance of Good Guttering

Gutters are like guardians for your home – they keep it safe from damage by directing water away from your house. It is important that they are maintained properly so they can do their job. The structural integrity of your home is compromised if the gutters are seriously blocked or clogged. Rainwater that is not properly directed away from your house can cause serious problems to your foundations, wiring, flashing, walls and windows. Yes, it’s that important! Inspect promptly and properly to ensure you won’t have an issue. You wouldn’t put off dealing with a clogged kitchen sink, so don’t put up with clogged guttering.

How to DIY

There are some safety precautions to keep in mind if you want to take charge of your own gutter maintenance. Firstly, make sure your ladder is secure before you climb it. Don’t lean it against the guttering as this may cause stress and breakage – lean it against the wall of the house or use a freestanding ladder. Never do this job in the rain or in high winds. It’s a good idea to wear waterproof gloves as you don’t know what you will encounter. Clean out the gutter with a trowel, scooping all the debris into a bucket or garbage bag. If your property has a lot of tree litter, it may be quicker and easier to throw the rubbish down to the ground and rake it up later. A stiff brush will also prove handy to clean out any solidified muck. Once the gutters are all clear of debris you can use the garden hose to wash away dirt and sap. This is a dirty job and it will take you a few hours to do properly, but it will become less arduous as you begin doing it regularly.

Inspect the Condition of Guttering

Inspect your gutters while you are cleaning them. Make sure they are well secured to the house and that the joints are intact and not damaged. Seal any leaks immediately. Check the fascia board under the gutter to make sure it’s solid. If it’s soft or spongy, or if the paint is deteriorating, you may have a leak in the guttering.

Gutter Guard

Properties with a lot of trees might find leaves continually clog up the gutters. Consider investing in a gutter guard product that will prevent sticks and leaves from getting in to the gutter at all. There are many options on the market so do a bit of research to find a product that suits your home.