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Five summer activities for the adventure seeker

Five summer activities for the adventure seekerSummer is upon us and it’s time to climb out of your winter hibernation and do something exciting. The options are endless. You just have to put your imagination into gear and take the plunge. To get you started, here are five summer activities for the adventure seeker.

Explore a waterway

Most nature lovers will tell you that a bush creek or river is the best place to enjoy the local wildlife and to marvel at the weird and wonderful things the country-side has to offer. The best way to see it all is from the water itself. You can try navigating these usually twisting and shallow waterways in a small boat, but the best option is to take your trip on personalised watercraft. They are more easily manoeuvred and can slip into shallows and other places where boats will not go. Visit a dealer like JSW Powersports to check out what might best suit your particular adventure.

Overland safari

If water isn’t your thing, you can always go bush to explore overland. Load up some vehicles with sleeping equipment, food and water and head away from civilisation. Just make sure you have an all-terrain vehicle. Many tracks, even those marked on a map, aren’t particularly hospitable to your average road car. It might also be good to take a couple of dirt bikes. They will come in handy if you want to explore even further off the beaten track.

Horse-riding adventure

Another way to see this great, wide land of ours is to do it as the early explorers did – on horseback. Pack up your kit and climb aboard your trusty steed. It’s a great way to undertake an outback adventure, as a horse can go where four-wheel-drives and even motorbikes can’t. Better still, you have a loyal companion and your transportation all wrapped in one. If you’re not sure about your horse-handling abilities, try a weekend away at one of the many riding schools around the country first.


It’s often been said: “Why would anyone want to step out of a perfectly good, working plane?” Well, a lot of people do! Skydiving is a popular sport with the young and, yes, old alike. Indeed, jumping out of a plane is a popular item on many people’s bucket lists, with more and more taking it up to celebrate their 80th or even 90th birthdays. Seek out your local skydiving school and take the plunge. You won’t regret it.

Bush whacking

Motorbikes, quads and four-wheel-drives are built for the outback. Bush whacking or bashing isn’t a great way to take in the scenery, and probably shouldn’t be done in areas that are not designated for this type of activity. But if you know of an area the local council has approved for motoring activities in the outback, it is a fun way to let of steam. Take your vehicle over rough terrain, up hills and through creeks for a great bit of driving and adventure.

Summer was made for adventure, so don’t waste it. Get off the couch, go outside and do something fun, exciting and memorable.