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Fitness hacks for time poor Dads

fitness hacks for time poor dadsAs a dad, extra time is often not in abundance, and what you do have is precious to your daily schedule. Everything changes when you become a father as you now have a new number one to look after. Making the most of the spare moments you get is extremely important, especially when it comes to your own health. Below are some creative fitness hacks to get you back in shape with the time you have now.

No-cook Options

Incorporating meals into your daily routine that require zero cooking (other than pressing start on the microwave) and zero prep-time (other than peeling the sealed lid back) is an ideal fitness hack for time poor dads. Check out sites such as to see the huge range of options that are available to you, and how you can choose a plan that best suits your schedule and nutritional requirements. Remember, less time you spend cooking and preparing meals the more time you can spend exercising.

Utilise Every Second

Yes, you may be ridiculously busy but there are always brief moments that may require a bit of multitasking, but are the perfect times to squeeze in some bursts of exercise. As the shower is heating up or the microwave is cooking away, drop and do some push-ups or sit-ups. This technique is actually ideal for keeping the weight off and maintaining fitness long-term. Also, utilise the time you have if you sit and watch television after the kids have gone to bed. Try running on the spot or skipping for one minute a day, and gradually increase this time as your fitness develops.

Plan Ahead

By physically writing down an exercise plan and schedule you will be amazed at how much easier it is to stick to it. Often the problem with exercising when you’re extremely time poor is that you put it off because it’s too hard to think about what you are going to do today, when you don’t have that much time anyway. By allocating a specific time and writing out a circuit for yourself you don’t have to think about it; you can just jump straight in.

Weigh In and Talk Up

Weighted jackets or vests are an easy to achieve fitness hack that will help burn additional calories and increase your muscle’s energy exertion. And the best part about them is that it’s all done while you go about your daily routine. You can still cook dinner, work in the yard or play with your kids. In addition to this, have you ever tried talking while you walk, run or jog? For those that haven’t, it takes a lot of extra effort and is a great way to regulate your breathing with your movements. It can also work as the perfect distraction for the pain you might be feeling as you exercise!

Although they may not be your favourite ideas to keep healthy, fitness hacks might be the only way you can when your daily life is so time poor. As a busy dad, making the most of every trick and every spare second you get is the best, and sometimes only, way to keep yourself fighting fit.
What are some of the most creative fitness hacks you’ve come across? Include your answers in the space below.