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Fishing 101: Advice for beginners

fishing 101 advice for beginnersFishing may look like an easy caper to most, but it can be quite challenging and involves plenty of patience and skill. Here are five tips to help you on your way!

Do your Research and Understand the Basics

It’s important to find out what you are getting yourself into before you throw that first line in. Make sure you know what you are talking about and more importantly, know how to do the basics of fishing first. Look to the Internet and fishing books to learn how to cast properly, attach your fishing line to your rod correctly, know what to do in the case of getting snagged and learn how to attach bait to a hook or using a lure.

Choose the Right Equipment

As a beginner, it is probably best to choose a specific rod and reel combination as you are just learning how to cast. You do not want to choose an open-faced reel, as they are harder to cast. It’s also important to know what sort of fish you are trying to catch, as this will help you in choosing the correct bait or lure.

Location and Weather

Your location choice is a very important part of fishing. Sometimes it will be a matter of trial and error as to finding a good fishing spot. It’s also advisable to talk to fellow fishermen to see if they have any spots they could recommend to you, as well as the staff at your local fishing shop. The weather also plays a big part in whether or not you are going to catch anything. Make sure you are aware of the weather forecast before you head out.

Bring Supplies

A sometimes-overlooked aspect of fishing is making sure you have brought everything you need with you, including food and water for yourself. It’s very important to make sure that you have all your fishing gear with you as well, including different types of bait and lures, extra fishing line, buckets for your catches and a net to help you bring in your catches. For ideas on what you need, why not check out a supplies specialist such as MOTackle to get the equipment you need to start out? Don’t forget to dress appropriately either, including getting a pair of boots!

Concentration is Key to Getting your Catch

Another helpful tip for beginning fishermen out there is to make sure that you concentrate when you throw your line in to see if it does start to move and you can reel in your catch. Reeling in the fish also requires a high amount of focus, as one false move and your catch could well and truly be off the hook.

These are only five tips on beginning your fishing hobby. What are some other hints from fellow, more experienced fishermen out there? Leave a comment below to contribute to the discussion and share your knowledge!