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Easy ways to improve outdoor security for your home

By Natalie Brown

ways to improve security around your homePicture your home. It is your castle, where you live with your family. Now that’s the place where you can really relax and be who you are, without too much worry for the outer world… We all know that person who has had the experience of someone breaching the walls of their castle, and left them feeling like they are under siege. There are ways to ease the mind by improving the outdoor security of the premises so that you won’t need to sit there worrying about what you would do if it happened. By planning ahead and putting tools in place, you’ll effectively improve the security of your home and get a good night’s sleep. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Sensor Lights

Installing sensor lights will provide you with a clear view of what is happening outside your home anytime, day or night. The idea of sensor lights is that they are turned on when someone walks into their sensing zone, so you will know if someone has triggered it. The best way to use your sensor lights is to have them facing in a position where they will pick up someone who has moved past them, but won’t be tripped by plants and small animals that flutter past. Ensure that you take care in choosing where you face the sensor towards as there is nothing worse than cranky neighbours who can’t sleep due to blaring sensor lights.

Sound Sensors

Sound sensors work in a similar way to the sensor lights and will alert you to movement around the outdoor area of your house. Often people like to have the sound alert near their bedroom so that they can be awoken at night if there is movement.

Security Cameras

Security cameras serve a similar function as sensor lights, and enable you to get a view of the different outlooks of your outdoor areas, one by one. They also help you to see places that you might not be able to see, due to the lay of the land and house. Combined with the sensor lights they will provide you with an excellent view of what is going on outside your house at all times, which means you don’t have to go out there to investigate.

Security Screens

Security screens are an important deterrent for thieves, and will serve the secondary function of protecting your home from creepy crawlies at the same time. Having security screens and doors installed with also give you the overall peace of mind that nothing is getting in, and nothing is getting out, and that your castle is well guarded at all times. Click here for more info on the newest technology in security screens!

Have a Moat

Now this one might sound funny, but it certainly has been helpful for many kings of the past. Dig a great big moat around your property and install a drawbridge, and crocodiles for that extra touch of security. Besides helping you live out your childhood fantasy, it also means that you will be the talk of the neighbourhood!

How do you keep your home secure? Leave your tips and suggestions in the comments below.