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Between Jobs? Here’s a few things you should be doing

looking for a jobWhether you lost your position unexpectedly or left voluntarily to explore new opportunities, there are things you can do to help increase your chances of landing that next position. It goes without saying that an updated resume is essential, but read on to find out five other things you can do while you’re between jobs.


Show your potential employers that you are serious about finding work. Use some of your downtime to complete short courses and training that will help you when you’re in that next role. Registered training organisations like etrainu offer affordable, flexible online courses to suit a variety of disciplines and industries.

Volunteer Your Services

Many charities and community groups always need volunteers for both general and professional services and assistance. This is a great way to use your experience, help your local community and fill your time while looking for work. Volunteering can help to prevent having long gaps between jobs on your resume. Another option may be to approach businesses you admire in your target industry and enquire about short or long term work experience opportunities.

Register with a Temp Agency

Even if you’re hoping to land a fulltime, permanent position, temping is a great way to keep the money coming in while expanding your networks. Some temporary positions have the potential to turn into long term or even fulltime jobs. Even if that doesn’t happen it’s still an opportunity to make money, stay busy and keep your skills current.


Often the people you know will be your greatest allies when it comes to putting yourself out there. Let your network know you are looking for new opportunities. Actively seek out contacts that might be able to help you. Remember the golden rule of networking is that it should never be looked at as one sided. Get help when you need it, but also make sure you’re consistently putting time and effort into maintaining and developing mutually beneficial relationships.

Update LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the professional social network and a great way for prospective employers to find out more about you and your previous positions. If you aren’t on Linked In yet or have been neglecting your profile, now is the time to update it. It is more than a digital resume, and there are some great tips and articles online that can help you optimise your profile and activity on the site.

While it can be tempting to use your out of work time to enjoy a more leisurely lifestyle and relax, it is still important to start taking steps to return to the workforce. Often there are far more applicants than there are vacant positions so you need to make sure that you are keeping your skills up to date and putting your best foot forward when it comes to finding a new job.

What’s your number one tip you think jobseekers should be doing?