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Imagine being told that you can only see your child every second weekend! Although, you’re a capable and devoted dad that has a place and the time to care for them.

This is the reality for many dads, dealing with this feeling of loss, grief and the unfairness is overwhelming.

There are some places for dads to turn to for help but men are not great at talking about their feelings. Instead we suffer in silence and try to work it out alone.

Divorce or separation can be a mine field of emotions, making the right decisions can definitely enhance you and your children’s life, I’ts about getting the right advice from the start.

With not a lot of people to turn to, and the loss of many friends (common through divorce) I decided to create Dads Online, I have always been a believer that no-one has a corner of good ideas, therefore lets share each others stories, experiences, tips and ideas to make everyone’s life more enjoyable along this journey.