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4 Fun Backyard Activities for you and your kids

inviting animals into your backyardYour lawn wasn’t just made to look good; it was made to be used, enjoyed, and played on. And, while older grass varieties may have suffered noticeably from proper use, the modern grasses available from lawn experts like Hancey’s Turf are tough enough to handle it. Forget about ringing your lawn with “STAY OFF THE GRASS” signs – here are four fun suggestions to help you get the most out of your backyard.

1. Eating Out… At Home

There’s nothing like dining al fresco in your own backyard when the weather is fine. Dining out at home could be as simple as taking a meal you’d normally eat indoors to the outdoors, or it could be a barbecue cooked out under the sun. And what better way to get closer to your garden than a private picnic? Pack some sandwiches, put some cool drinks in a basket, then go out and spread a blanket on your soft grass and enjoy. Kids will love the novelty of eating where they play, and there’s the bonus of less cleaning up!

2. Inviting in the Local Wildlife

Birds and native animals add life to your yard. You’ll have to check with your local laws and regulations in regards to things like nesting boxes and feeders, but even a simple birdbath is often enough to attract some feathered friends. Attracting animals to your backyard is a great way to gets kids learning about local wildlife, and there’s plenty of fun to be had as a family both setting up nesting boxes and feeders, and then spotting the animals they bring in. Native wildlife can even help maintain your garden, keeping pests like slugs and snails away.

3. Backyard Sport

There’s plenty of sports that can be adapted to a backyard setting – there’s at least bound to be a form of football popular in your area, as well as cricket, baseball, or even bocce or lawn bowls. There are even less serious “sports” like egg-and-spoon races (make sure you hard-boil the eggs to prevent accidents) or simple games of tag. This is a great way to get some exercise, and, more importantly, intentionally spending time with your kids.

4. Gardening

There’s nothing quite like fresh flowers, fruits, or vegetables you’ve grown yourself. Your backyard doesn’t just have to look good; it can be functional as well. This is another great activity to get the kids involved with. Planting fruits and vegetables gives them a tangible reward for all their hard work when they get to bite into that first sun-warmed strawberry or tomato. Even if you’re pressed for space in your backyard, there are many dwarf varieties of plants – like cherry tomatoes – that can be grown in pots. These often come as a complete kit, with seeds, potting mix, and a container, they don’t take up much room, and they can be easily moved to the best growing position. Even a simple window box with fresh herbs is a great way for young kids to grow, and they’ll be proud to contribute to the kitchen.

Your backyard can be your playground, your dining room, your pantry, and your own private zoo, if you like. But this is just the start. What are some other fun activities you can enjoy in your own great outdoors?